IoT application with Virtual Sensor and Network Simulation

Rapid IoT application development with virtual hardware and network simulation in IOTIFY. Improve your IoT application performance.

What is IOTIFY?

IOTIFY is a Rapid IoT application development environment which helps you prototype, scale and manage your IoT systems with ultimate flexibility and ease. Using IoTIFY, you could quickly turn an idea into a prototype, then scale from a single IoT endpoint to hundreds of thousands using our Network Simulation tool.

Building cloud application for an IoT system is hard, especially in the absence of any IoT devices in the fields. IoTIFY makes life super easy for Cloud-based IoT Application Developers. Give us a try at

Introduction to Internet of Virtual Things

Virtualization has been a game changer in the computing industry. The scalability and adoption of the cloud which we experience today, wouldn’t have been possible without virtualization. It enabled unique concepts such as Software Defined Storage, Software Defined Networking etc. However, when it comes to IoT, virtualization has been nearly absent in the IoT device space. In the IoT stack, people expect everything to be physical when it comes to devices and connectivity.

It is true, that eventually, every IoT system will need a physical element to measure data and solve a real world problem, but this dependency on the physical element shouldn’t stop developing intelligent applications. IoTIFY bridges the gap between physical and virtual boundaries when it comes to IoT system. Using our virtualization solution, you could not only start application development on a single device, but you could also simulate a large number of such devices in the cloud, enabling application development for your cloud platform.

Here is how people are using IoTIFY

In a nutshell, IoTIFY enables you to build and develop your system without any hardware dependencies. This means that HW developers could take their time iterating over multiple prototypes while SW developer continues to test and evolve their full stack IoT Application.

IOTIFY device virtualization platform enabled rapid prototyping

Getting Started with IoT Application Development

Developing application for IoT is much easier than you think. Choose your current level to find out the relevant resources to get you onboard.

New to the programming

In order to get started with IoT, you will need understanding of technical concepts and at least one programming knowledge. Here are some great resources to get you started with Programming

Learn Javascript
Learn Python
Linux Basic shell

New to the IoT

So what is IoT? Internet is literally flooded about the answers to this question. For the sake of brevity, we will explain it in simple terms.

Internet of Thing can be described as a system which collects useful information from physical environment and analyzes this in the cloud to produce interesting business acumen.
This intelligence is monetized (not necessarily in terms of money) to reap the real benefit of IoT.

May we recommend following brief tutorials for IoT

Here is a nice explainer video from Intel

Another one from IBM

A simple business explanation of IoT from Recode

Recode: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Internet of Things

Quora: What exactly is Internet of Things

I am an IoT expert

We are glad that you are here. As you might have realized, building a full IoT system is a significant challenge. Here is how IoTIFY helps you solve the problem:-

The tools provided by IOTIFY gives you immense flexibility to create any IoT network. You could even build your own Smart City simulation.

And finally, if you any other question where you need expert advice, we are here to help. Drop us a line to see how could we help.

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