Introduction to Database

IoT analytics is all about filtering right amount of data from the noise. Learn how Database Generator could help.

Overview of Database Generator

Having the right kind of data and deciphering its key insights is the primary objective for predictive analytics. However, getting the right data at a first step already is a major challenge. 

Imagine yourself in charge of solving an IoT business problem. You are asked to analyze millions of records of sensor data to find out which component is most likely to break - and order a replacement in advance. How would you approach this problem?

If you are lucky, you already have large amounts of datasets to play with. However, you may still want to start with a smaller set and tune your algorithms before you would unleash your horses on big data. You would still like to test those corner cases where you think the algorithm might fail or those where algorithm should have worked.  Database generator would come handy in those cases.

If you not so fortunate, there is no data which has existed so far for your problem sets. In such cases, Database generator comes to your rescue.  

Using our database generation tool, a massive amount of data could be generated to simulate connections from real-world sensors. These data sets could then be imported right into a data analytics platform running at AWS or Microsoft Azure to start the first iterations of business analysis. Following is the work flow for our tool.

Our Database generator tool is the fastest solution to start measuring with any analytics solution. It allows you to abstract the entire IoT implementation based on the data models for your business use cases and then allows you to quickly iterate among the business use cases to focus on the most promising ROI-generating opportunities.

After all, data is the new gold for Digital Economy. Isn’t it?

Get yourself a head start.