Feed your IoT data straight to a MongoDB instance

How to generate thousands of records straight into your IoT application.


NoSQL is a default choice when it comes to storing IoT data, and MongoDB is a proven leader in that space. We have made it even easier to save your generated databases straight to MongoDB instances. 

1. Create a template

Create a new template in IoTIFY or use an existing sample to start with. You could completely customize your templates with the various helper functions (such as IIFE expressions and Moment.js functions).

2. Go to Generate Page

Go to generate page and specify the name of database (collection name); choose the storage option as MongoDB while generating the database and specify the complete MongoDB URL, e.g.:

mongodb://your_user:[email protected]:21046/your_database

That’s it. Click on the blue button to start Generation and data will be inserted into your MongoDB instance. 

Don’t have a MongoDB database? You could start with a free instance at https://mlab.com/ who provide 500 MB of data storage free.

Happy IoTifying!