Introducing Network Simulator

A full scale simulation of the IoT system could avoid costly project delays and reduce time to market

Could your IoT cloud platform really handle millions of devices?

The complexity of IoT system is increasing daily with millions of IoT devices being connected across the globe. Management of these devices requires a reliable and proven backend IoT infrastructure which could deliver the peak performance even under duress.

Unfortunately, many of the scalability issues are only uncovered when you reach that scale. By the time problem surfaces, it has already been too late and your customer start noticing the issues before you do.

Luckily, you could prevent such potential disasters beforehand by using our Network Simulator. Network simulator is a cloud based tool which emulates device endpoints in the cloud. Each of the IoT endpoint represents a full device status and supports common IoT protocols such as MQTT and HTTP with security.

Using Network simulator you could now scale the devices in the cloud in the same way as your IoT backend and orchestrate complex scenarios such as system outage, malfunctioning sensors, natural hazards with ease.

Here are a few examples of what you could do with Network simulator

How to start with Network simulator?

Each device is represented by a template. A template is simply a file which describes the schema of the device message. Everytime the backend system needs to to simulate a device, it processes the template and generates a new message from the device. Learn more about templates or get started from our guides on the left hand menu.