Visualizing MQTT Data

Visualizing messaging over MQTT.

Visualizing MQTT Data with

Sometimes you need a visual representation of all the connected clients to your MQTT broker and visualize who is sending what? is a cloud-based messaging platform which provides a great tool for this purpose. Let’s explore this further.

Step 1. Signup with and create a free account.

Step 2. Create a new namespace for your account. 

Step 3. Go to namespace settings and copy username and password. The username and password are required for the authentication.

Step 4. Now go to IoTIFY Network Simulation Template tab and provide following values:-

Name: Any unique name
Number of Clients: 10

Under section Specify MQTT parameters -
provide username previously obtained
Password: provide password previously obtained

Finally, go to Simulate Tab and provide following parameters -
: 10
Interval: 10 second (or 60 based upon your account limit)

That’s it. Click on the blue start generation button and the simulation will be scheduled in few minutes. You will live status update as soon as simulation begins. 

Now go to and click on the namespace tab and you will soon start seeing some nice visualizations

Currently, you are seeing all clients with unique client ID connected to the broker in the middle. As soon as the client emits a message, it is shown in the animation. The broker will forward all the traffic to topic /hello represented by a small circle.

You could click on any client to see all the messages which have been emitted so far. Similarly clicking on the topic will list all the messages which have been received by the broker.

In the next iteration you could also customize the content of the messages and topic using helper macros. 

Hope you liked it! Feel free to let us know of any other similar tools.