IoT Virtual lab is your online playground for Internet of Things.

Welcome to the IoT Virtual lab

Any IoT project would requires hardware prototyping at a certain stage. Thanks to the consistent innvovation and hard work of great companies and open source communities our there, there are a variety of hardware starter kits today - which make beginning any IoT project a piece of cake.

However, problems usually arise when you are looking to do something more than trivial. How about making something in a little different way? How about trying an idea which no one has given a chance yet? As you move forward, making a successful embedded prototype requires the right selection of sensors, OS and choosing a good cloud platform provider to talk to. Many of the challenges in these steps could be easily overcome with our virtual lab.

Virtual Lab provides you an online workspace where you could quickly assemble your own virtual hardware, boot an operating system or build a firmware of your choice and begin programming right away. All you’ll need is a browser with internet connection to get going.

What can you do with IoT virtual lab

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Let’s get started and say Hello World to IoT.